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Episode I

“I can now develop my Business Plan, keep my records straight and know if I am making profit or not”

– Abang, Mary, CEO Maris Empire
MEGP Alumni Network Member. 

Episode II

“I went into shoe making today not just because I wanted to, but because of the passion I have for the job. i have been making shoes for the past three years now and I am proud to be a shoe maker. I see myself as the future Gucci of Nigeria”.
– Oduduobong Ndiok
CEO Papze Shoes/MEGP Alumni Network Member.

Episode III

“I am making work easy for local farmers who have difficulty in processing cassava to garri”.
– Etifiok James Ibup
CEO Etijay Enterprise/Alumni Network Member

Episode IV

“Because of the health conditions associated with the chemical compositions of some skin care products, I opted to go for the natural skin care products. That is what took me to start producing for myself and my friends”.

– Glory Etiekak, CEO Nature’s Glory/MEGP Alumni Network Member

Episode V

“My happiness comes when I see people being adorned and beautified.”.

– Afomachukwu Onwurah, CEO Definite Elegance/MEGP Alumni Network Member

Episode VI

“I told myself that instead of waiting for job applications, I’ll rather do something for myself. That is why I went into production” 

– Utibe Akwa, CEO UtyTrends Enterprise/MEGP Alumni Network Member

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